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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Forms of Life

I hope you will enjoy this video and his website as I do. This is really phenomenal !!


  1. Ah, this is great. I wish I had one like that ... but I live in the mountains, do not think it would work :((
    Well, about the stars, I can only tell you it's impossible to see when they sleep, you know, the sun is a very selfish, but, the moon, when an eclipse, covers it with his body. and they will be seen. but they are not asleep.
    I regret to tell you that you'll never see the stars sleeping.
    But there is something much more important to see them, you can imagine.
    Try it.

  2. I knew about them, these are FANTASTIC! Who wants to say plastic is a dead material.

  3. off to visit his site!!!

    hey, no worries about the man from the past, i was just being silly, i AM silly :D

    hope eveythings fine with you and the land!!!!
    byebye for now, takecare!

  4. yeah, this is great. Love the movements, really new forms of life

  5. Unbelievable. If you'd make a REALLY big one I am sure it might cross the center of Amsterdam, over the rooftops.