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Sunday, April 3, 2011

IF: Duet

DU@ according to art-is-jokken

In music of the Renaissance and early Baroque eras, a bicinium (pl. bicinia) was a composition for only two parts, especially one with a pedagogical purpose. Students could be expected to master singing a single part in a duet more easily than a part in a larger ensemble. Usually a bicinium was designed to be sung or played by students of the same age and ability, rather than for a single student and a teacher. 
This model of moving from two-part study, writing, and singing to three parts and then more was adopted by Heinrich Glarean in his Dodecachordon (1547), one of the most influential music theory and pedagogy treatises of the Renaissance.


  1. okay, been disconnected.
    for more than 3 hours.
    not fun.
    that sucks :/
    sorry for the stupid interruption.

    wow, being honest, i didnt know about this music stuff, really, so thanks for sharing such thing...
    the colors: AVA ADORE, and i dont know how to make grunge texture like that!
    you are like me, i think (sorry if im wrong, ive seen some of your illustrations), not really into bright colors unless it's necessary and for the sake of beauty! :D

    ps: good to know that the swan are lovers.
    i hope they'll be together.

    another ps: as for The Nightingale and the Rose, no i havent tried it...

    yet another ps: is the sheep still singing?

  2. @Marie Campbell: Thank you !

    @dont judge people by their avatar: thank you for all your comments. You're right , actually only the background is a little bit interesting...
    You are wondering about the textures. It is not so difficult, you can find it everywhere. Literally EVERYWHERE. That's no problem. But to put something in front of background.... that requires all neurons have to work properly....:)
    And about brite colors...What should I say to you. Well, I think it is as with B&W photography. I like it more. The color distracts (often) from the subject, imho. But sometimes it helps to stay focused.

    " bright colors- unless it's necessary"

    and yes, sheep is still singing :

    Baa, baa black sheep
    Have you any wool
    Yes sir, yes sir
    Three bags full.
    One for my master
    And one for my dame
    And one for the little boy
    Who lives down the lane.

    @nelleke: dank u zeer!

    @Rene: mersie!!

  3. you are making me smile.
    your baa baa sheep reminded me of a little scene from a vid-game i used to play (but it's about goats, actually a sad gothic story...)

    The Goats Sisters

    Little Sister wrote a letter, baa baa
    Big Sister munched it up, baa baa
    Little Sister studied her notes, baa baa
    Big Sister tore them to shreds, baa baa
    Little Sister wanted to read Big Sister the letter
    So she fetched it from sister's stomach
    But with Big Sister dead in a pool of amber blood, who is there to read the letter to?

    Baa baa.

  4. Hello Mr Jokken.
    Thanks for the comment on my post.

    Your combinations of illustration and photography are wonderful - gritty, intriguing, educational, and fun.

    Does the duck sing too?

    R :)

  5. @ ALWAYS judge people by their avatar :
    naughty goats!!

    @Richard Morden:
    Thank you so much, sir. I was very pleasantly surprised by your comment. Your four well and precisely chosen words sound as a music in my ears!
    You ask me very important question: "Does the duck sing too?"
    I suppose you mean the duck found on my blog. Well, I have to drive your attention to the fact that already mentioned duck is actually not a duck, but a rabbit ! I tell you a secret: he is wearing a mask to be inconspicuous in this world. We, people, often judge the others by their avatar or by their appearance, how they look but not who they really are.
    But one day, he will be strong enough to take off his mask .
    I am sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is NO. The rabbit does not sing. He produces, however, many different sounds but you can not call it SINGING.

  6. Great post. Nice work and very interesting as well. Thanks :o)

  7. Love your blog, your work. The duet piece is great.

    And thanks for your visit and comment.

  8. nice work and also nice to learn some more!!!

  9. coucou Louise, it's dinner time now stop singing!

  10. @: Jack, Rick, Susanna and dont judge people by their avatar- thank you for visit and your comments.

  11. Great illustration, very Tim Burton like! :)