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Monday, May 30, 2011

Beauty Salon

Well, Louise visited famous Beauty Salon last weekend. Her hair was cut and nails we're reshaped.  
It was not easy. First she had to say goodbye to friends. Then I had to lure her with food before transportation to the Beauty Salon. And than, she was freed from thick hairy coat and on the end also her feet were massaged. Finally, she could join her friends again. 

And now, the summer can start......


  1. this is unfair.
    can you tell me where this famous beauty salon is???

    i told you, she cant be more beautiful than me!


  2. Ah, the wool, it would be good to my wife, Do you know she spun wool with the spinning wheel? yes, yes I already know, is something of a hundred years ago, but we are well.
    Ah, Louise would be fine in the south of my country, you know, Patagonia, there are millions of sheep (all of Benetton)

  3. You knew, ja ja
    Well, but now no more. I do not know what to do, is unfortunate, but it always happens, I start again.
    (damn blogger! until I can not leave comments?)

  4. @roberto 7: My wife has spinning wheel as well, but is not so easy to get right fibre out of it! I do not like the idea of being Louise in the Benetton club....(they are not nice for sheep)

    @robertoooooooooo 8? : OK. No more words about it. (just try it once...)

  5. Oh, I agree with that quote!
    I know I am a primate. maybe something more ancient, some type of amoeba. but I accept I am what I am. (I sometimes try to evolve)

  6. heyyy thanks for the link!
    no ive never heard of it, so many THANKS!

    did you post the link earlier and Blogger ate your post?
    Blogger sucks, as you say...


  7. and thanks for all your comments on my Soaked and Asleep, it was very much appreciated!

    hello Louise, goodmorning.

  8. Thanks friend
    always good to know that someone cares for the health.
    Look at my blog my new header come from the Netherlands!
    (yesterday I smoked only, 2 cigarettes, right)

  9. I'm trying, I'm trying I'm trying.
    at least with photoshop is easy to remove. :)

  10. Praise the Lord Photoshop!!!!!!!11
    (he can also remove some wrinkles on the faces of some ladies)

  11. @ indira lakhsmita : the guy from the link I send you makes very interesting movies. You can find some on Youtube....

    @Roberto...and me again: two is not three !! You make progress !!!
    I checked your header. Looks very GOOD, indeed!!

    Yes!! Photoshop todopoderoso!! And not only suitable for old ladies but also for a men in certain age could be useful...

  12. oh, poor Louise, so naked suddenly. Hope it will be a hot summer for her!

  13. @nelleke: haar nieuwe haren groeien heel hard!