I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



  1. good, very good portraits, on the right a little painful
    shows everything that is no longer
    or not will never
    is the winter ... maybe
    Happy winter, why not?
    (I'm at the end of Autumn ... I still think I have a sun that shines on me)
    I exist?

  2. good photograph profile
    is how some works of our beloved MCE showing two or three realities!!!!!

  3. Thank you , Yo yo Yo again, again and again and The Last!!

    I Know, this kind of photographs could be confronting for some people. But It's life!
    Well, next time I post perhaps a portrait of a young women , to bring a balance ..:)

    Nothing escapes your eyes: you see Different Dimensions (or realities as you call it) in my profile picture? Is four not to much? Three is OK, for me more than enough :D

  4. hello!
    You say that nothing escapes my eyes. but I say, so what people put things in their blogs? is not for the person coming to see? or can read?
    when I entered a blog I look all and read all, is not that right?
    When are you going to the movies you only look at the pictures? and you do not read the subtitles? or read and not watch the movie?
    However, this is the same. ja ja

  5. Good point! about birds
    yes, I had not thought of. we are all losers
    we may never fly so free (look at Yves Rossy ridiculous, stupid and bizarre rival of the beauty) ja ja good weekend (leaving Louise to run free across the field)

  6. @ I am naam/url : of course you are right.

    @NAAM: Yves will NEVER fly as a bird. Do you remember the story of Greedy Man?

  7. hello... who are these gentlemen?
    care to join me for some coffee?

  8. @ IL: just two gentlemen , I was drinking coffee with them, but you have to hurry to get last cup !!!