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Saturday, July 9, 2011


In my opinion, a horse is the animal to have. 
 Eleven-hundred pounds of raw muscle, power, grace, 
and sweat between your legs - 
it's something you just can't get from a pet hamster.
 ~Author Unknown


  1. I'm related to some horse lovers (& owners) who would whole-heartedly agree with you! They are pretty magnificent, amazing animals! Great photo!

  2. oh oh oh
    I disagree,
    I can have a hamster in my hands, a horse I can not.
    The sweat between my legs ... no thanks.
    I prefer a kick from a hamster and not from a horse
    and finally, a human being, standing on an animal, hitting him with a whip, Mmmmmm, I do not like.
    Apart from this, your picture is very good!!!.

  3. Ah, the header!
    music, wine, woman, man, moon (or sun)
    good proposal.

  4. well, actually, I see champagne glasses ...
    better yet

  5. @ Elizabeth Rose: So I am , too! ( I mean related to ONE horse lover) And I am sure ALL "horse folks" agree with above mentioned quote. I have to admit the horses have certain attractive power though I do not ride a horse. I just take a pictures....

    @ Nuevamente yo : A horse is always an experience….. if you drive or not . There is, however, something very true in your words: "I prefer a kick from a hamster and not from a horse". Of course it is dependent how tall you are.

    (about header) Yes, it is summer here : picknick, music, wine, woman, man, sun........!YES!!

  6. uhmmm.... i dunno... you see when I was riding on a horse i was always afraid i would fall off...

  7. @ indira lakhsmita : yes, it could happen, indeed, but if you do not try it, you never know how does it feel falling from the horse....