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Sunday, July 10, 2011

IF: stay (Icarus)

Stay away from the sun or the wax on your wings will melt.
Stay away from the water or your wings will get wet.


  1. ...and if you want to grow, stay away from the earth.(seems that this too was told by Daedalus to Icarus)

    (there is nothing better than building our own universe, away from water, sky and earth)
    (obviously I'm talking about creative growth)
    poor Icarus, I think I feel pity for him, I liked,
    Daedalus told me even when he was making wings, and I thought, "what a good father, he wants to play with his son"
    but, well it seems that Icarus was a rebellious and disobedient child.

  2. Obviously you have your own universe away from Earth.
    as this work of art can only come from that place
    do not stay! ... away from your universe

  3. @Soy un poco paranoico lo siento♫ : I was told Icarus was punished for his pride and exaggerated self-confidence....Do you think these things happens still, here in our world, in nowadays? Or do think our OWN universe we are safe? Somebody very wise and clever estimated that universe is quite big, at least 10 billion light years in diameter. Probably there is always some place to hide, to stay unnoticed. Or do we all want just to be noticed ?
    I stay. (In my artichokistan)
    The question is: was Icarus merely reckless or was he just too excited and enthusiastic?
    I am afraid that history will teach us nothing....

  4. The only thing the saying said is: stay average. Which is the safest thing to do. But you will never know if you could fly... or swim.

  5. WOW. Such a sense of time passing, when looking at this image. I've always seen Icarus as an inspiration. If he hadn't built those wings and used them, either out of obedience or fear, there would be so much he did not know, did not experience.

  6. Do you know what? That sky ...reminds me of Turner!!!!

  7. so little saying so much.
    it's impressive to allow the viewer to complete the story and still present a full artistic struggle in the image.


  8. how about float in the middle?
    you'll be fine...


  9. oh i just noticed!
    im loving your new header...

  10. and, people come and go and add various degrees of values in our lives. Some stay, some are just passable. Stick to the ones who stay. Or who float.

  11. Lady and gentlemans !

    Thanks for all generous and nice comments !
    It is interesting to see that some old stories still have potential to keep us busy or forcing us to all kind of creative processes.....

  12. Beautiful take on the "stay" theme!! I always loved the legend of Icarus. I think sometimes you have to try and fly high to the sun, it may burn but it is the only way to see how high one can go, to achieve liberty. I love everything about this artwork... texture, symbolism, colors, subject. I would put it on my wall for sure. :)

  13. Hello I've loved the tale of Icarus since I was little, I even named the boards I used to make "Icarus", and what a good work you have made, the movement and the abstractedness doth suite the subject down to the ocean waves (and below I guess) but Daedelus had his just revenge, and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a cold bath in the ocean for a not shower in the palace!

  14. Heisann! Beautiful and original illustrated with special touch of Greek mythology;:OD)

  15. @ Vilt og vakkert : thanks for comming!