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Monday, July 25, 2011

Six degrees of separation

Is really everyone on average approximately six steps away from any other person on Earth?


  1. Well, first I see a unit
    six feet, six white stripes ...
    I do not know if six steps separate me from anyone else ...
    with some people I am less than six steps (metaphorically speaking) with others, I am a million steps apart (thankfully)

  2. Oh, sorry, but is not red, I think is closer to the burgundy, in Spanish we say: borravino, is the color of what remains at the bottom of the bottle of wine, that you might like. Probably will change, according to the color of each day.

  3. hey, I see you are focusing on emotive icons and I see how well you and Doc Roberto hget on and can see why, and yes it is true, I learmnt the other night that my uncle wasa red dwarf, and my auntie and supernova that collapsed, and that's where I received the carbon in my body - how's that for six degrees of separation! :)

  4. I don't really know the latest statistics, but I suspect that via the internet there are even fewer degrees of separation! I certainly feel connected to a whole lot of people (& artichokes ;-) ) that I would likely never have met otherwise. And that's wonderful! :-)

  5. OMG !!!!!
    I never expected a comment like that!
    Clearly you are a person with a culture so great, because you know how to write, the words fair, accurate, adequate,
    reading your comment, you made my day!
    I do not deserve such kindness!
    Comments like yours are what they give me courage, and strength to move forward with my blog!
    You know, I chose green because to me it means hope, Hope! H-O-P-E!
    and red is the struggle we have homely artists, to ensure that the world will appreciate our art. is so difficult to access the great art galleries. You know, critics with their sour words, the curators ... are groups as closed, which one has no access. I sometimes think that I will burn all my brushes ... (Or I can sell online, maybe I can earn extra money) but sometimes I think about my dear Vincent, and I say to myself, "well, if he did not sell anything, I might repeat its history"... (Do not cut my ear, no, please)
    is so depressing to look at myself in the mirror.
    Why the world ignores us, the homely artists?
    the world does not know how hard it is to paint a picture while you're on the phone, or watching your favorite TV show! or wondering if you cook for dinner spaghetti or steak!
    OMG, thanks to people like you and your comments!
    (ideas come to me when I do not want to have any idea)

  6. i dunno what im doing exactly, i think im here to bother you, hi hi

  7. @ to all of you who commented on this post: thank you so much for all your words. This time, however, I will not answer you individually.
    The only I like to mention is nice comment of Curious Art about "internet" meeting "a whole lot of people that I would likely never have met otherwise" and the wonderful sentence of mi nombre es? :
    "ideas come to me when I do not want to have any idea". (this is very true and very recognizable, and of course I hate it)

    I agree with both of you ! Thanks!