I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


“It is easy to frighten a bull from the window”
Italian Proverb


  1. I have no idea what that proverb means, but this image is stunning! The stony cave-painting feeling works so well with the sparing lines.

  2. Oh I love your bull!! Texture is beautiful, just like Curious Art said, it really has the feeling of cave-painting! Lovely work (as always!) :)

  3. well, I took a break and came to clear my mind.
    and my eyes, with very good artwork.
    ehhhmmmmm, I suspect your address, Lascaux ?.... Altamira? ... Ha ha, I never suspected that within a cave had good internet signal :)
    No, it was a joke, sorry for the joke, this is very good. ¿Can I ask about the dimensions? (height and width?)

  4. @ Curious Art : My interpretation is that it is easy to harm or tease or speak about somebody when you are in "save" distance from the subject . Than you have a courage to act so, but if you are standing eye to eye with that person than you do not dare to say honestly what you really think.... If I am wrong, I do apologize, but anyway, I found it a provocative proverb !!

    @ Isabelle : I think old cave paintings are so inspiring because they are "pure". Just no nonsense, only most essential and necessary lines (and colors) Thank you for your appreciation ( It is mutual :))

    @ el perro de las lágrimas : Thank you for your interest in my work. An art critic once said to me , when seeing my drawings/paintings that I have to work in bigger format. My digital works are - in general- not so big, up to A3 plus. In this case, it is roughly 30 by 30 cm.
    But is it really necessary to create a huge paintings to achieve an huge impact on the viewer or to achive a "WOW" effect ?
    I have seen paintings which were really monumental though in small format. And vice versa, too. (big format but no impact)
    (Dutch houses are not so big , so I HAVE TO create in small format :D )

  5. I can not imagine that some people have more than one blog!
    Actually MBD syndrome, increasingly being viewed more often.
    Multi personality is a feature of modern life, a person may be on the phone with someone, chatting with someone, writing an email to another person, and Skype with someone, oh, and on Facebook and Twitter at the same time.
    Eh .... HELP !!!!! Daniel Defoe, please I need to be a character in a story of shipwreck!!!!!

  6. I agree 100x100
    Look at Vermeer's paintings are not very large and one is left with an open mouth WOOOOWWWWWWWW!
    nor I have much room to store my stuff in my house, so for a while all I do is no more than 25x20 centimeters.
    although, for a WOW! I still have long way to go.

  7. @ el perro de las lágrimas : We have all possibilities and we use modern technologies to easy our lives in order to have easy life and more time for ourself - but everybody is complaining " we have no time to do this or that ". Some people are convinced they have multi-core processor in their bodies..... No wonder if they are "multitasking" all the time ...But how long can they hold out? I think we are not designed for multitasking: we have only one single core "processor " .

    @ el perro de las lágrimas2: yes, but which one do you mean? Milkmaid ( The Kitchen Maid) I am wondering ...

  8. Fantastic image, I've seen prehistoric paintings in the Dordogne, and this is really that.

  9. @ Rene: thanks, Rene. Unfortunately I have not been there (yet) but it stays on my "wish list" !

  10. i clicked to enlarge the image, is that blood?
    i like it...

  11. so im going to my room soon, to look through my window, and try to frighten a bull outside...

  12. @ nelleke: thanks, I do appreciate it!

    @ indira lakhsmita : yes, traces of oxidized blood, blood drops of pain and humiliation

  13. Hey, this might interest you... I was doing research recently reading up on psychology and visual cognition and found this great article about photorealism, non photorealism and emotive responses.... it turns out that we humans have more of a emotive response when the image they see is "merely" suggested, rather then spelt out clearly, it allows us to engage our minds, to explore the image, because we know we have not seen all, and so we must be sure.... in a way it's related to the difference between our peripheral vision (where we are very good at seeing movement and contrast but not so much detail via spatial and temporal summation) and our central vision - where we have our clearest details. So to suggest what might be there, rather than what 'is' there evokes a much higher emotive response.

    I think you do it so very well.... congrats.
    I linked to your photoblog in my last post. I hope you don't mind.

    cheers from oz :)

  14. @ andrew: I see they have understanding of matters in Oz.....:D
    Great!!! Of course I do not mind it, it is a honor ! Thank you for your comment!

    Interesting article. Was it on line?
    I think it is the same as with women: a slight suggestions might cause more emotive respons .......