I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Sunday, August 28, 2011


“Who is the wise? Not he who from the start
With Wisdom's followers has taken part;
But he who looks in Folly's tempting eyes,
And turns away, perceiving her disguise.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


  1. At this time, that we should live (not by choice)
    There are more tempting eyes with beautiful disguise, that sincere eyes, true, crystal eyes like water, it is difficult to see the eyes of those who refuse to look at you and maybe not look at themselves in a mirror (the soul)
    I believe that today, I woke up utopian...

  2. Well, you know I hardly say OMG!
    but I will say WOW!
    Actually, I have not a word I can say about your work.
    and I think that's the best thing to happen

  3. You know, I never liked the disguise, I think it's foul play with others. even if you use them for fun, I do not like the person who hides behind a mask, real or fictional (but, the actors, I will let that fool me ).
    Great job!
    The sepia of an old deception, never revealed!

    Oh! Thanks for your comment. very true!

  4. Heisann!
    Thanks for dropping in. I have heard that my Google translator is not reliable. Don't know what to do!
    I always enjoy your illustrations - they are unique, signs spread out to emphasize a deeper meaning. Wonderful!

  5. A true work of art! It seems like a collage of mixed media.

  6. Very cool! Great textures, images...marvelous!

  7. Sorry, to flee the chat! came someone I did not want to talk!
    I'll be back later!

  8. Thanks -everybody- for all your comments!

    @ deer prudence : taking risks? it could be worse...:D

    @ el perro de las lágrimas : OMG, I did not look in the mirror today....if my eyes are still there!! Thanks for your wow!

    @duermodespierto : often has disguise negativ "taste"...

    @ Elena, Rene and Madhu: thanks a lot!!

    @ Vilt og vakkert : thanks for your words!
    I am not sure what to do about it. May be I will take some Norwegian lessons! :D

    @ Rod: oh , I feel honored by your words. Your observations are correct.

    @ Indigene and Elizabeth Rose : Thank you, My cheeks are getting red ! :D

  9. Oh, such a wonderful watery fantasy! Yet with textures of earth & fire... a haunting combination!

  10. The bottom left corner that contains the eye leads visually implied mask making the disguise fairly arcane.
    nice mood. builds expectations.


  11. Mesmerizing image - and a lovely choice of quote. I will have to remember it. Sure I've been in the wrong camp all too often...

    Question: How many foolish, unnecessary, inexplicable, wonderful crazy things did you do this week?

  12. @ Curious Art, Richard Ewing: thanks for your kind words.

    @ AHAviews: ha ha, I do understand ! Well, hmmm..........this week is not yet finished , so I have a chance to do still many foolish, unnecessary, inexplicable, wonderful crazy things ..But this week was not so much "productive", I guess only 3 times.....bad score :(

  13. she is perceiving her disguise, but of course she is, she has perfect bones: structure and mechanic.

  14. @ indira lakhsmita : welcome back after long journey. I could provide you green fish vehicle as seen on my picture to maneuver salty waters of "sweat, tears or the sea ".