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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fairy Tale Tree Houses nr.9

Last week I was a little bit  traveling and  I found only one Fairy Tail Tree House in the deep forests of Europe. It was somewhere on the border between Luxembourg and Germany. I noticed there are clearly   differences in the  architecture. I did not investigate yet, what is causing the rather sparse and scattered  distribution  in these countries in comparison with Holland. Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. Well, probably Holland has some mystery that makes elected by the fairies, to make their homes.
    I think that often has to do with the type of grass that is in a certain place, the perfume that these herbs are obviously very sensitive, and that human beings do not grasp with our nose
    I have heard that it is also about light, not everywhere, the light of the sun is the same (remember the Impressionists who sought the light of provence)
    light, coupled with some damp mist is beneficial for the delicate skin of the fairies, I do not know, maybe there are fewer dogs ...
    well, nothing I can I add.
    Good weekend!

  2. Oh, just saw your comment about the moon, thanks!
    some like the moon, others, like women-Lynx, the thing is called diversity.
    I keep doing moons, surely, I think I too would like more.
    (Remember that dogs and wolves howl at the moon)

  3. @ el perro de las lágrimas: Thank you for your clear and distinct interpretation of the incidence and prevalence of these structures in European forests. I really thought you was the expert because you are from Luxembourg. I will consider all the facts you suggested.