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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sheepishly Sheepish Sheepship and the Ship 3

"In the beginning you must subject yourself to the INFLUENCE of nature. You must be able to walk firmly on the ground before you start walking on a tightrope." 
 Henri Matisse

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  1. The Kraken-sheep rises! I'm glad the tight-rope walker made it safely over the Matter-horns!

  2. But it's so hard to walk firmly, when you feel that most people do everything possible to move the floor!

  3. Not so bad walking a tightrope, is the spice of life, it produces adrenaline. After rowing on a lake with calm water, not bad, from time to time, navigating a rough sea

  4. I like the little house in the sheeps horn..... nice illo.

  5. The boat! The sheep! The whole thing=GREAT!
    Love it!

  6. Looks like a hole in the sidewalk - and there's a whole universe under there? All the juxtapositions make my head spin - in the most pleasant of ways.

  7. okay this is not good (no, im not talking about your post).
    listen, the tree is higher than i thought, when i fell down, i felt so hurt.
    i am the one who ain't well so you are supposed to be worried about me but on the contrary I AM worried about you. Are you okay???? Where are you?

  8. oh goood!!! Louise is back!!!!
    this post tells good news, LOVE this.

  9. okay i must sleep (or try to sleep), get some rest, etc...

    goodnight see you later.

  10. Ah. at last someone who understands me!
    display photographs of the drawing on fire for me was as important as the drawing itself
    if someone shows step by step how to make a picture (work in progress), why not show how I destroyed?
    the sadness of death is cultural
    sadness is not for death,
    sadness is by the absence
    I was not fond of that drawing, I will not feel his absence.
    again in the arena, ole! (the Spanish forgive me, but I hate bullfighting)

  11. oh, sorry, forgot to say something:
    You came back with wheat, and margaritas, (apparently, margaritas, Google does not want to translate: daisy (and other flowers unknown to me) but it is a good omen.
    oh no, I realize that are not margaritas, perhaps are chamomile flowers?

  12. the Matisse quote is very good. and correct.
    I like your image as well, (Rolling Stones should hire you on as freelance)
    my favorite part is the tightrope walker. It makes the balance in the composition what it should be.

  13. I've seen some people burn their jobs, does not seem sympathetic.
    Ah... Welcome!

  14. very imaginative piece, I also like the tightropewalker :-)

    By the way: Welcome back in rainy Holland! Were you in Artisjokkistan? Found new inspiration?

  15. Thank you , all of you, very very much for your comments. I have still some problems called TIME with answering :)

    @ Curious Art:do not worry, she ( sheep) did some exercise on the ground!

    @ el perro de las lágrimas : just stay calm and do not look downstairs.

    @ duermodespierto: yes, otherwise life would be to boring...

    @ Melissa: the horn house, yes the only sure thing he has

    @ indira lakhsmita : Louise is back,yes, but she escaped again, twice during our holiday.....:(

    @ el perro de las lágrimas : I agree with you. Correct.

    daisy and cornflowers and wheat

    @ Richard: They should, indeed :D !! But they did not look at my site yet, I guess !! ( I am very honored !!!)

    @duermodespierto : sympathetic or not , it is life!

    @ nelleke: thanks, the weather is really terrible here, indeed. But I had a beautiful weather with very pleasant temperatures above 25 degree C. (not in Artichokistan, but nearby!!)