I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sheepishly Sheepish Sheepship and the Ship 2

The Lost Sheep
(But one was out on the hills away)


  1. good afternoon.

    Can i help you find something?

  2. @ indira lakhsmita : For example a sheep, perhaps ?

  3. Why do I have the impression that one should not say "I like"
    I think as a spectator, is negligible in front of the work (work completed)
    then, nobody cares that the viewer likes or does not like the work.
    the work is not for someone likes it or not, the work is like the sun, a mountain, a river, if someone likes or dislikes, the work will continue.
    I can say either "this is a good job," Who am I to say?
    So I will not say anything of this work, because you already know what's inside my head.
    (me gusta y es un buen trabajo) :)

  4. I like a lot, and I think is a good work!

  5. you promise me that the 2 peaches are hanging happily on the tree for ever.
    no, they arent.

    one of them just fell.
    and it was me.

  6. before i help you find your sheep, tell me, have you seen my lover?
    i kinda lost him.

  7. SHure is a SHintillating SHow of SHeep.
    I like the SHircular composiSHion, everthing looks SHip SHape here.
    I like the textures as well

    All kidding aside, nice work here.


  8. Ah, this must be the strange but lovely dream one has after counting sheep to fall asleep!

  9. Haha I saw on first glance that it was Ulysses in the Cave of the cyclops, and then at second glance I saw it wasn't and at third glance I felt something poking myself in the eye (very difficult that)

    I think you've conjoured up a new subconcious archetype here - it's the kind of soft wooly and insectavrious archetype that has nothing to do with Jung.

    I would also like to put the words 'metaphor', 'emotive correlative' and 'epiphenomenon' into that last sentence but they will not fit so I put them in this one :)

    from oz!

  10. hello the weekend is coming, have a nice weekend...

  11. Thanks everybody ! I really appreciate all your comments !! Was away for a while from my keyboard !!