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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fairy Tale Tree Houses nr.10

Today I discovered  a few new Fairy Tail Tree Houses in the woods nearby my house. On the first picture is perhaps the secret blueprint etched into the bark of hundred year old  beech. The  branches behind the tree are ready for construction.
The other pictures show finished FTTH.


  1. Well, I just say that I know perfectly well the meaning of what is written on the bark of that tree.
    But do not ask me to say because I will not even kill me.

  2. Hey, I'll tell you something but do not laugh.
    These houses remind me of Gaudi architecture
    (Catalan, please do not hit me)

  3. Hey 'art' now I know your name you need to be careful, because in knowing the name of something then the bearer of that knowledge has power over that object - yes you heard it hear last :)

    Ahh the magic in your eye, the way you discovered the blue print. I am impressed.

  4. why are there so many fairy tail tree houses?
    where are you exactly?????

  5. so, this is why you were such in a hurry yesterday.... and you wont tell me where you were going.


  6. Hi Mita. If I knew you were here I would have come sooner ;)

  7. Good weekend
    (I knew that everyone knew the secret but I did anyway published) (no one will die anyway)
    good weekend again, I guess you go out with your camera, right?

  8. Thanks for all your time spending around the tree houses!

    @ Ignatz : Gaudi was definitely influenced by nature and who knows, maybe he found also such tree houses in the Catalan woods !!

    @An drew: are trying to threaten me? :(

    @ illustration poetry: I do not know , I am busy for long time to figure it out but I am not successful yet!!

    @Ignatz : Thanks , the same to you. I guess so, but it all is dependent on weather, they promised us some rain again...:(

  9. Never, it was a compliment. am sorry to offend you. It was never my intention.

  10. @ AN drew: no I know, it was my joke :D

  11. As you might imagine, I really love these. :)