I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Saturday, September 10, 2011


They think, it's most rewarding for them to try and push their own boundaries....

Some boundaries should not be crossed .... or need to be redefined.


  1. I look at this work, and I think to myself: (I do not want the author of this work, finds out what I think,because I believe that artists (or whatever the name of the person making this type of thing) must not find out the opinion of the observer, neither good nor bad, as everything can influence him / her. And the artist, or whatever the person doing these things, must be completely free in his creative universe) then, I think:
    Oh, this is great!
    I congratulate the author of this work, but I do not want to interfere in his world of talent.
    PS: the artwork is not to like someone
    the artwork is.

  2. I think so, I can say about words: Excellent

  3. @ Ignatz el Ratón : thank you for your appreciation. (I admit I had to read it twice to understand your text fully )
    I do not judge I am a mere observer. Of course I have an opinion about things but it is not necessary to ventilate it. It is very true about freedom .... still there is many places where such freedom is an unknown term...

  4. Who said something about the MBD?
    It might be true, it might not.

    Okay, I like it a lot!
    can be very dangerous if the bull does not respect the bounderies ...
    he will die anyway, and people applaud
    happens every day in every city in the world
    people clap
    people die
    people die
    people clap
    bread and circuses?
    increasingly circus, and less bread (bread for the mind, I say)

  5. @ duermodespierto : ..." I see very clearly that to think it is necessary to be, I concluded that I might take, as a general rule, the principle, that all the things which we very clearly and distinctly conceive are true."

    I see circus. One big circus.

    (some bread for the mind)
    Thanks for writing me.

  6. Attempt of explanation:
    1) If I say: "Oh, this is a very good piece of art" the artist (or whoever does this kind of work) may think: "Ah, then I continue doing this because the viewer likes" and the artist stops create (artist influenced by the observer)
    2)If I say: "Oh, this is a disaster (and is not a disaster, who knows?) the artist (or whoever does this kind of work) may think: "Ah, then I must do something different, because observer does not like this"(artist influenced by the observer)
    Both situations are bad for the artist.
    Sorry for writing my thoughts in your blog.
    I do not want to bother anyone.

  7. @ Ignatz el Ratón: Oh , too much philosophical words for my empty head this morning! :D
    But I have got your massage...

    There is always dilemma present: should artist be influenced by the observer or shouldn't ? We have seen this many times in history but also in present times as well ....and we can see where it can leads. This everything is dependent on mental stage or economical needs of the artist.
    But it is very interesting topic. I am wondering how others think about it.

  8. fascinating work, a lot to discover!

  9. Well said. I am in love with the colors in this piece. Amazing.

  10. Great work. I don't think an artist will change much by listening to others opinions.The blog comments recieved are nearly always positive comments. The comments that are bad are usually unwritten and due to the critical nature and differing human tastes ..are not worth taking into consideration...the good comments either...

  11. Another beauty! I'm particularly enamored of the bull's head... it possesses some sort of crazy magic. By the way, everyone be sure to take a close-up look or you will miss so much of the amazing line & texture.

  12. Lascaux cave paintings meet Picasso reborn! Very nice piece!

  13. Heisann!
    Oh, I got the Picasso-feeling, but your art piece is standing on its own feet...I love blue and brown together, like in the middle age ;:OD)
    And scene reminds me also of my visit to Arles in some weeks. I would like to call this a bull game, not a bull fight which it is. A have been to a bullfight once, never more!
    And everyone can interpret in the art piece what she/he likes. I now talk from experience on my own post today!
    Have a nice week, ♥ly from Bjorg Nina

  14. Hey! do you find out something about the Fibonacci's sequence?
    Search, search, is very interesting.
    Good week!

  15. @ Nelleke , Elizabeth Rose : Thank you so much!

    @ Rod MacGregor : thanks for taking time and willing to comment. Right, correct. You have outstanding taste! ( :D ) But I am not taking your comment into consideration :D

    ( no , I am joking, I appreciate your visit! )

    @ Curious Art : thanks for your kind words...crazy magic, I take it as a compliment !

    @ Ted : thanks for your appreciation. Lascaux, Picasso ...I love both of them !

    @ Vilt og vakkert : you are not the first one who mentioned Picasso. Interesting because I did not have intent to do something in this style....probably something unconsciously happens in my head, who knows :)
    Thanks for your words!

    @ Ignatz el Ratón : Yes, I know this phenomenon from sunflower seed arrangement and from leaves position around their stems and other "spirals" as found in the some shell or tree cones. But again, I am totally not good in mathematics and not even in "phi"logy :D

  16. Dance, colour, boundaries, energy, play... this image captures so much of that and I join in the dance by spending time with it. I share my response, as I share my art - because I want you to have it. And if you like it (art, response) fine. If you don't like it, don't understand it, all fine. To have you know your idea made visible sends me thinking, dancing, dreaming, that pleases me. If that pleases you, I hope you make more art - keep playing, dancing, singing visible on canvas, on paper, digitally, however you do it. Because we breathe.

  17. @ AHAviews : thank you so much for your thinking, dancing, dreaming, and breathing ..... (and for your writing, indeed)

  18. maybe they think that all the ground belong to the torero?

  19. i should learn something from this...
    you make me look at this for hours (which is good, i think!)

  20. @ illustration poetry : take your time :), you are always welcome !