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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Contrails ..... 

Friday, october 14, 2011 on the way home.


  1. No doubt trails left by the Executive Easy
    Travellers.Nice photos and particularly good as a group!

  2. I saw this on TV yes, all those stripes in the air, nice photos! I also love the huge bike :-)

  3. I'm having some difficult days in my work, and besides, I do not know why I did not have access to my blog or of any other blog. now apparently has fixed the problem. but either do not know if forever. hug!

  4. @nelleke: thanks, with one hand biking and with other one taking pictures!!!

    @roberto: oh Roberto, such thing happens once in while, do not worry!

  5. Ok. seems that it works, even today,
    at least.
    well I took a break from my work. and came to visit you, really, I'm getting ahead of the work to be done next week, then I will take some days to make a little trip, look at scenery, take pictures and take some wine. and for that, I must have my work done.
    bye !!!!!! for today

  6. @roberto: enjoy your trip!! And thanks for visiting me!!!

  7. Hi, I found your horse today...among the junkmail. It´s a lovely horse...well, both of them.
    "my" horse is also 22....funny...
    Ha have some problem with his back and have been resting for a while but now I´m riding slow walks every day and hope he will be ok.
    Thanks for the photo....
    Have a great day.

  8. Heya, oh they work so well as abstracts grounded in the figurative. The bike one is a classic, and yes they do work so well as a grope ... er I mean as a group :)

    Yes, it's interesting how a piece of art can be magnified or stultified by the presence of a neighbouring work.

  9. hallo hi goedemorgen, me again stopping by, still working here but i dont forget you!

    love the photo of the bike, so many drama in it :)

  10. good you like your new apple!!!
    look at this:

    so me :D HAHAHAH

  11. All this small talk going on while government seeds our skies with CHEM-TRAILS!

    Nice photos, though.