I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Sunday, October 23, 2011


If music be the food of love...play on 
give me excess of it 

An alternative fuel according to art-is-jokken: music
listen here or here or here or here


  1. You are Kandinsky reborn, my friend, with just a tough of Picasso's blue period thrown in.

  2. I think there is a touch of Joan Miro with Picassos rose period!

  3. @ Ted and Rod: And I think there is a touch of Artichoke in his dry-point period! :D
    Thanks, gentlemen's, for expressing profound truths ! You made my day!!

  4. I love your interpretation of the topic and your picture is incredibly brilliant (Kee, Picasso and two drops of lemon juice).
    [Just the typeface … well, not my taste anyway.]

  5. @ deer prudence: I appreciate your comment, thanks! And you are right about the typeface. (Neither I am satisfied about it)

  6. Hey Art, well I am so impressed by your skill at suggestion. You suggest so well, you tease us with instruments that morph into human beings. I never thought od musical instruments as part of our subconsciousness, but of course they are, the beating of our mother;s heart belongs with the smell of fire and the warm cosiness of a womb like cave, protection against the snow and ice and scary things like, like, shakesperean actors :)

  7. Dear Music,
    thank you for being there when nobody else was.

  8. so sorry i missed your posts!
    how are you by the way?
    hope you are fine...