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Monday, October 24, 2011

A trip to....

Last week I felt as a tourist guide. We received visitors from abroad (of course from Artichokistan :))

 I took them to the "must see" places in Holland, among others to Zaanse Schans, with many windmills situated alongside the river Zaan and many traditional wooden houses ( many of them still inhabited ). A number of  traditional Dutch crafts are practiced here. There are demonstrations of clog-making, Delftware painting, pewter-casting and cheese-making.

The other day we were visiting De Haar. 
The castle "De Haar " is the largest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands. There are only a few castles in Europe that have the same ideal image of a medieval fortress with towers and ramparts, with canals, gates and drawbridges as De Haar. The castle was entirely restored and partially rebuild in the late 19th century and it rises like a real fairy-tale castle from a park with large trees, surrounded by old gardens and ponds. 


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  2. Greetings Art! Well, I wonderfully enjoyed this post. You have great eye, and a strong s ense of design. I feel like I am wanting to come to Holland, I can hear a voice saying "Umlater fergun verlurgenstien" - is that Dutch? It sounds like Dutch to me.

    It is also saying, "Go and look at Art's Blog, he has something good to look at"

    And so I did, and he did!

    greetings from the Great Southern Land

  3. very nice dutch collages! (You could make greeting from Holland cards from it :-))

  4. beautiful!!!!
    i wish i could visit your country someday ^___^

    okay i am saving my money, hihi...

  5. Thanks people!!!
    @ A: yes, it does sound as Dutch :)

    @ IP : when you are in NL, I will take you there!!! :)