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Saturday, December 3, 2011

FYI: Louise.....(and some figs matters)

Lately I have got some questions about Louise. Some of you maybe know that Louise joined her new friends some weeks ago….

Well, I'll tell you - tête-à-tête - how Louise is doing now.

At the end of summer  Louise got sad eyes. She continuously "talked" to our horses, to the birds flying around, she talked to my wife and to me, she tried to talk to the moon, sun and wind……but nobody could understand her. One day we noticed she was looking at one direction and bleating. A few hundred meters away from her - in the distance - was a large flock of sheep!!
Can You Imagine! A large flock of sheep!! One plus one is …right.

First at all, we had to catch our lady. Not so easy. And then bring her to new friends.

Just a few seconds before releasing.....her nose and her eyes do not lie : YES, I SEE THEM!!!

The flock had noticed Louise....

An interview with the BIG BOSS....

An approval of the upper lady...

...and READY. Accepted. There are no objections. Last look at direction where we were standing, saying something like:
"do not worry, guys, it is OK" and "take care" and "keep in touch".... and she was gone.
One little happy sheep somewhere in the middle of  72 sheep flock...


Luckily we can see Louise daily, if she wants, of course. 
But .. I am afraid that we have got bigger "emotional damage" than she has got ;) 


Maybe you remember a fig monster eating my figs last summer.  Looking back, I have to admit, it was not so bad as I thought. It is, however, crazy that still today, I picked some figs from our tree!!! 

Probably the very last ones this year. The quality (and the size) is not "triple A" but is just fine and eatable. I made a fig cake , as you can see on the picture. But it is going really crazy: in december, in the Netherlands, picking figs !!! 

There are no leaves left, I found only few dead under the tree. 
I dried one and I tried to capture its beautifully twisted form ....

Oh, yes,  the cake was very good :) 


  1. Oh, no, earlier today I could not leave my comment in this post and had to leave in the previous,
    Why you do this to us, L? is to tease?, like Edouard?

  2. It is one of the Unexplained Mysteries Of The World

  3. About an old issue (yesterday is old in today's world):

    Oh, well, I think I agree with Saatchi, although I'm sure he has committed significant errors
    Do not you think?
    Do you know where is a good artist at this time?
    I do not.
    And the good artist does not know.
    nobody knows
    Should this matter to anyone?

  4. HaHa, I loved B. Logger (as name)
    ok apple is fine.

    Now I must go.
    I was already too much time with this girl, you surely know, V. Irtual.(some say it is not very good company)

  5. A big day for Louise..you did a good thing.

  6. You may not have understood Louise, but she knows you were listening. Now Louise will talk all day long to her new friends who understand her. But I don't know.. it sounds like she talks a lot, maybe too much.

  7. @ Roberto: How does Miss Irtual look like ? Is she pretty? ;)

    @ Rod , Ted : Thanks guys. I hope so, I hope so. I am convinced that animals know more than we humans can imagine.. Some time ago I read an article. Sheep can recognize faces of individual sheep and fellow humans, even when these are on images ( photographs). After two years they still remembered their faces , amazing. I am not sure how this research was conducted , because I could not talk to Louise. But apparently they succeed to get an answer....

    And yes, Louise talked too much....(she is a lady)

  8. I've read this story before, but could not leave a comment. Now I can, I love the story. I'm happy for Louise and can understand your 'emotional damage' I hope this will be contiued... maybe little Louises :-)

  9. you know what.
    i HATE HATE HATE HATE when i missed post about Louise.

  10. now i hope she will find a perfect boyfriend!
    please dont let her heart being hurt by some jerk, ok :D

    i have never tried figs before let alone fig cake.
    is it good?

  11. and thank you for letting me draw Louise although i don't know when i will start to draw her (you know me, the busiest lady on earth)


  12. @ nelleke and IP: thanks. yes, Louise is doing well, no wolf so far in the neighborhood :)

    Should be very funny to get some little Louises in the spring,....but I am afraid she is very shy girl......and very....traditional. First marriage and than.......;)