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Monday, March 26, 2012


Lately many house owners risk slipping in debt swamp ...

(quick pencil sketch converted in Ps)


  1. Nice work...I like your sketches Art!
    If you don't have a mortgage it helps!

  2. Wow, really neat effect. I love the subtle tone differences and the great details. Nice!

  3. M.C. Escher?? Are you home?? Pay your rent!

    Good drawing, Artichoke. I like it. It's hauntingly whimsical.

  4. Well, Friend, this house at least looks as though it were built on a nice, solid foundation, so whoever lives there won't be sinking just yet. Reverse image invites quiet thought.

  5. Cute house! Why don't they build cities like this!

  6. great house, like the details!

  7. Thanks everybody!!

    @ Rene: probably the policy makers and city urbanists did not find my blog yet!! :)

  8. Awesome sketch! What does converted in Ps mean?

  9. Hey Art! How's it hanging dude? I came yeterday but my brain was empty - it still is today but I am going to risk it :)

    Well I am enamoured of scraffito and this is like that but it has a resonance. The way you have organified the safes and the houses and the rooves (roofs) is tres magnificent :) And you have eurofied the front fence - I am starting to think you have good brains (PS Remember the mountainbike accident? They are going to put me back together soonI hope and will not be able to keyboard for a month - so if I am taciturn that is why!) Or if I write crap it's because of dragon dictate!

    hope you is well :)

  10. debt swamp!!
    of course yes, now i get it... hahah i'm so stupid x((
    i just noticed the symbol you have used! thats nice idea, Sir!

  11. nice 4 story mansion and cool circular driveway, but I'm concerned about the neighborhood... bars on the window are never a good sign.

    The xray feel is very appropriate.


  12. Heisann!

    Mita got it!
    And I remember Hundertwasser lovely paintings - and houses from the seventies.....
    I'm soon back in IF, but first we walk on Blogger's Sunday Walk the coming week-end - you join us like you did before????

  13. @Lisa, Andrew, illustration poetry and Richard:

    Thanks a lot for all your comments!! I do appreciate it very much. I was not able to respond to your comments and also visiting the other blogs was due to circumstances impossible.

    @Lisa: thanks .I mean I draw it on white paper and later I changed it in computer (white =black, black =white) :)

    @ Vilt og vakkert : Thanks for invitation! I hope so!!!