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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Leda (puzzled)

This interesting story always puzzled me ... but most
 history teachers did not give me satisfying answer...



  1. Hey Art good to see your'e back in full swing!! Yes Greek Mythology is often complicated and like this story there are usually different endings..not making it easy...I want to draw some humans hatching from eggs now! (Michaelangelo has to be given credit for his painting 'Leda and the Swan'...it must have taken guts to produce such a thing in his time....even today.) Thanks for all your comments BTW!

  2. The face in the swan-body is brilliant!

  3. I agree with Curious art; I love the swan-face!

  4. Thanks!

    @Rod: right, it is(was) not easy with the swan and Leda.....and very true about mister M.
    Are you ready with your "egglings" drawing? :0

  5. Nice one. I would have fun building this puzzle. I used to read Greek Mythology when I was a kid, but I will have to research Lida, I don't recall her.

  6. Those history teachers were probably too embarrassed to give you a satisfying answer.
    The swan's expression is priceless.

    nice work

  7. I love this, it's dark but pulls you in as you notice things that weren't immediately visible. Mesmerizing!

  8. your swan is elegant!!

    i am not really into "history", but i do like puzzling story :D i have been watching a tv series Sherlock Holmes, and it has got me puzzled!

  9. I used to sleep (and drool) on my desk in history class. If the class was half as interesting as your art here, I would have stayed awake for sure.

    This is really awesome.