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Thursday, April 30, 2015

AA ( Artichokistan Architecture)

“I know we’re reaching for the stars,” said Truffer, speaking to 20 Minuten newspaper. “We want to build one of the five best hotels in the world.” Aimed at ultra-high net worth tourists from Asia and the Middle East, the cheapest rooms will be around 1,000 Swiss francs (£675) a night, while the most expensive will go for a bank-busting 25,000 Swiss francs (£16,000) , something like  ± 21 850 € for one night....

And the answer from the architects of Artichokistan is this tower. Our plans are to build the weirdest building from natural materials only, based on fairy tree houses
Using the very best materials as the blue from the sky, the brightest orange from sunset, soft moss carpets and silky curtains woven from finest spider webs... 

We are not planning to receive richest tourists of the world and we are not interested in their wallets.
We are focusing on people with highly developed sense of humor, sense for fairies and of course highly developed sense of art...
The project has yet to receive planning permission but we are sure it will be no problem. 

oh , and the price for one night?
everybody with the heart on the right place will be allowed free of charge to book one of the rooms .....

imagination costs nothing, doesn't it? 


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, Tom. We live in a crazy world....a world of overconsumption, a world of disposable goods, our values are changing, we destroy nature and that in the name of humanity.... How do we raise awareness about such things? Do we really need to overnight in 20 K € room with LED stars in the ceilings, marble bathrooms and all that luxury shit? Maybe we need it to hide our anxiety of losing status , anxiety of falling of the pedestal...
      I sometimes wonder if this kind of wealthy people know how does it feel to walk with barefoot on the soft moss in the forest ...... they are missing a lot........paupers :)

  2. An excellent idea. will there be drawing tables in every room? I've always felt if we can somehow harness the ceaseless energy of insects, we could get them to build our natural houses. I see that you share this idea somewhat, with your silky spider curtains. The whale-tooth profile of your exterior design is very inviting. I cant wait to sit in the lobby and listen to the house spider play the baby grand.

    1. yes, drawings tables even in the lobby, Ted! And the baby grand sounds in the background....
      Thanks for your input ...

      I need sometimes a big dose of the ceaseless energy of insects, I have to ask an alchemist how to do.....any idea , flyologist? ;)

  3. When can I make my booking? Or do I need to prove I am eligible first?
    Beautiful. Looks like a place of mystery.

    1. Well, Sasa, first I have to get permission to build it. But I will schedule your stay in this hotel ASAP ! Thanks!
      You make also a good point: I didn't realize how I have to detect the proper guests ? Maybe I need to design a soul scanner first..... :)