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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

moss bogbug

a new species discovered : moss bogbug ( Quagius pallustris ) , a rare bug of Artichokistan

(on the picture with common garden snail)


  1. Very colorful bug, and lucky you to capture it on film while out foraging. But the one on the right that looks like a snail is so fake. :)

    1. and now I do not know, Ted, what is real and what is fake ....

  2. in a sparring match I don't think there's any contest.
    the moss bogbug has feelers that far outreach the snail.
    ---not what I'd call a fair fight --and calling that snail "common" is a bit unfair.
    --but that's how life is sometimes.
    Picasso would find art in this manner, you're in good company.

    1. from evolutionary point of view the green one has an advantage : he can use photosynthesis to survive adverse conditions ....life is tough , but you are right to call common snail "common snail" it is indeed unfair....