I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life. Dr.Seuss

Saturday, February 25, 2012


“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” 

Isaac Newton 

There are luckily some capable mediators  that are able to build bridges between the people.
Sometimes we're just afraid of trying it too.

We all should try it sometimes.....


  1. Weird but neat! I like it. Great job with the architectural elements. Very nice pencil work.

  2. Zdravim :) Krasna ilustrace a myslenka!

  3. We live on a tiny spec of dust in an enormous universe, its a pity there were more bridges and less walls...Great work Art,reminds me of one of those impossible perspective drawings.

  4. Of course I meant 'pity there was NOT More....'!

  5. That's a great quote to go along with a nicely structured drawing.

  6. I am a bridge builder myself.

    I love your drawing.

  7. I hope the "impossible perspective" doesn't apply to building bridges? Great visualization of a too true quote.

  8. @ kCindy D and Shiva: thanks!

    @ ivanka k: diky; bohuzel je to pravdive. Pan Newton to napsal pocatkem 18. stoleti. On si toho uz tehdy vsimnul ( mozna mel s tim sam potize ...)

    @Rod: but we are all guilty for so many walls and so little bridges, aren't we? Or can we blame someone else?

    @ Elisabeth: thanks!

    @Lisa: wow, a bridge-builder. That's very good. (and thanks for your appreciation)

    @ deer prudence: Some people ask for different approach and so it is not impossible to use an other perspective to reach them....so if it helps, use an "impossible perspective" :)

  9. I like this one a lot! Especially the way negative space becomes positive, foreground background - I find my eye moving across, around, through - and changing my mind all the time about what I'm thinking as I explore the image. Great stuff.

  10. oh :(
    you know, my "Love" has built so many walls like he wants to put some distance between us :'(

    i think he no longer needs me, i wont build a bridge let alone two.

    sorry, im rambling...

  11. @ AHAviews: it is just as with human beings : is it not nice if we can change something negative into the positive one?

    @Ted: ... with booby traps.

    @ illustration poetry: is he maybe a shareholder of the brick factory?